May 19, 2018

Part 1: Long Live Summer

Part 1: Long Live Summer

It was the summer of 2011. When we first met.

He was young, proud, and without the worries of the world. His eyes, sparkled, when hit by the rays of the sun. His smiles looked like it had not seen nor felt a heartbreak in its life. Oh, that god damn smile. Without him realizing, he made my mornings a little more bearable to handle. A good kind of distraction, I said. So I let him.

But summer came to a close. We lost contact as the leaves started to fall.


February 18, 2018

A Meeting in Outer Space: Incubus Live in Manila

A Meeting in Outer Space: Incubus Live in Manila
It was my cousin who first opened my eyes (ears, if you insist) to the music of American rock band, Incubus. Though a bit late to the scene, I became a fan (which was not a surprise, really). So when my sister's boyfriend managed to get us free VIP tickets for their fifth concert in the country days before the actual event, I was overjoyed. How lucky could a girl get, I thought.


We arrived at the venue with people already crowding the place. A long queue to the Patron section welcomed us. Fans, mostly dressed in black. Old, and young. Long time lovers, and new wolf pack of listeners. Representatives of different generations showed up to see the same band. Amazing how music can bring such a mix of people together.

It was past 9 PM when the band set foot on stage.  The stage vomited color. The lights were blinding. The music was loud and familiar. There they were: Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger, Chris Kilmore, Ben Kenney, and Jose Pasillas. Right in front of my eyes. Performing live. Right in front of my eyes. Better than I have ever imagined.

After seeing them come out on stage, we went even wilder as they started to play. They opened with a song from their latest album "8," Love in a Time of Surveillance.

Then Brandon started singing old favorites like Warning from their album "Morning View."

They played more songs from "8" such as Glitterbomb, Nimble Bastard, and one of my personal favorites, State of the Art.

Classic hits from the band were also performed (not in chronological order). How we rocked to Anna Molly and Megalomaniac. Go wild over Echo, Sick Sad Little World, and Pardon Me. We sang our hearts out to Stellar and Wish You Were Here. We jumped as we sang every word to Nice to Know You. And of course, our heads danced to the beat as the Incubus played their breakthrough single, Drive.

How surreal it was.

Changing as it is through the years, I will never tire of both their old and developing (new) music. I still remember singing to their songs on that special night. It was those few moments of euphoria that I live for.

Incubus, you are magical.


February 15, 2018

The Big Bad Wolf Visits Manila

The Big Bad Wolf Visits Manila
Scored free preview passes to of one of the most anticipated, and biggest book sales of the first quarter of the year -- The Big Bad Wolf. Coming for the first time here in the Philippines, the Big Bad Wolf event brings over 2 million new books at 60% up to 80% discounts! I know, it's crazy. So right after work, we braved the Thursday night traffic from Makati to Pasay. And I tell you, it was worth the panic and the drive.

We arrived at the venue before 7 PM. There were already a number of people, but it was still not as crowded for its first soft opening night (thank the gods). As soon I stepped inside the wide arena of books, my eyes went crazy. I did not know where to go first. Just grabbed the first cart I saw, and followed where my feet brought me.

The the variety of books and options the Big Bad Wolf brought, and at such affordable prices, was really overwhelming. Surely, kids and adults alike will enjoy the book fair with so many sections to choose from. What's even more fun was that there were also sample books free for everyone to browse.

The venue was also perfectly organized for the event. Huge signs, and accommodating crew are found in every corner of the arena. Payment system was also organized that we did not have a hard time paying despite the long lines at the cashiers (well, probably, except for the guy in front of us who bought almost 13K worth of books, and paid in cash; bless you). But for easier book hunting, wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will most definitely walk for more than two hours.

The Big Bad Wolf book sale will open tomorrow at 9 AM on February 16 and will end at 11.59 PM on February 25 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Price starts at P190! Happy book hunting!


December 31, 2017

September 10, 2017

48 Hours

I woke up lying on the sofa while the movie Rebel Without a Cause was still playing. An hour earlier I was pumped after watching a Tawainese film I've seen a thousand times. I was asleep for thirty-minutes. Thirty-silent-minutes. I betrayed the movie I had been saving for years to see. I like to believe I give a good film justice when I watch it with all of me--mind, body, and soul. But I let myself fell asleep. The chaos in my brain stops when I could not handle the exhaustion of my life, when I finally give in to my body's call for help to just close my heavy eyes, and wander in my sleep. Every day, I hope for moments like this. So I gave in. For a brief moment of silence. But like most nights, I awoke with the thought of Monday. Nothing interrupts my sleep in the wee hours of the night like work does. Not my loudest alarm clock nor the smell of bacon for breakfast is capable of such. I get up like a rooster naturally crows before the onset of light.


You can see my book shelf every time you enter my room. It always reminds me of the books I haven't touched since I bought them. If they can talk, they are probably hating on me for never allowing them to have a walk outside of their house. Yet bookstores lure me like a maniac. I buy more for the pleasure of it. For a second of anticipation. I roam bookstores like I have money to spare. All the pages I want to take home. They give excitement to my mundane life like a drug. They make me look forward to mornings I can be calm enough to simply drink coffee and read. I come out of bookstores with at least two books or more in a bag. I giggle with the thought of arriving home, removing the plastic covers, smelling the pages, and getting sedated by good stories. But for the longest time, all of them just sat there. Only welcoming new faces. Never given a chance to get a breath of fresh air. Though some are lucky to live outside the dusty glass. Two books sit on my night stand. One book is a compilation of three volumes about Tengo and Aomame. They were released separately during their publication in 2009 and in 2010 in Japan. The English translation was published a year after as one single book. It was brilliant. It easily became a favorite. I finished volume 1 in two days, and volume 2 in three. The end. The second book was my sister's. It's written by this famous poet of the 21st century whose words have always resonated with me. It was her first novel. When the book's title was first announced, I knew I wanted to have it. The day came fast when I finally held it in my hands. I put it down for good half-way through the story. I can't tell when will I want to read the rest of it. A third book lies on my desk. It was an autobiography of one of my most favorite people in the entertainment industry. She was a talented improvisation actor. Known as among the best comediennes of the modern times. The person who gave life to Leslie Knope. I enjoyed her book too much I refused to reach its last page. I lingered it for far too long the last chapter was pleading to be read. The closest I got to reading was three months ago. A book authored by the amazing Afghan doctor and novelist Khaled Hosseini. His first two books were magnificent. I knew his third book would not disappoint. I read the first chapter of his latest book before I let it lay on my night stand only to be put back on the shelf again. I wanted to pick them up badly, but I could not get myself to do it. The first step is always the hardest, they say. But every day I already struggle even with the process of mustering the strength to function. That's the pre-step before the first step.


I had iced coffee for lunch, and three cups for dinner. My body was heavier than usual. I needed it to keep me awake, and to help me get things done. The laundry, at least. It was still not enough so I decided to take a shower, too. It was not enough. Now it's four in the morning on a Sunday, and I'm back looking for new distractions.